Gardening Activities
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During this 10 years of activity there have been many different activities within the field of maintenance of the green.

They range from the management of green areas in several municipalities of small to medium size to creation and manteinance of gardens of private residence.

The working procedures estabilished have led to the quality certifications iso 9001 and iso 14001.

Work in over 3000 installations of transport and distribution of the gas network has been undertaken and this involves the cleaning of the entire sections of the pipeline.

They are made for cleaning and restoration of entire wooded areas with the replanting of trees and shrubs. 

One of the characteristics is the extreme flexibility and capacity to meet all the various needs related to the mainteinance of the green: from the large urban parks of a public body or network of facilities of a large firm with a national dimension to the small planter or private single terrace.

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In this also includes requests for unusual work and for many companies uneconomic therefore impratical if not priced prohibitively.

We work in full respects of nature using all necessary safety measures such as described in the document of the company policy for quality and environment.

There is an ongoing relationship with our clients, even after the construction, the carefull advice and avaibility to the intervention of repair guarantee continuity overtime and this creates the conditions for a lasting results in botanical amd agronomic terms.

Between the activities:


• Maintenance and grass cutting and disposal of waste material of lawns and gardens from small to large private homes, apartment buldings, public green, parks, sport facilities.

• Design of green areas, planting and sowing, installations of irrigations system, control and maintenance

• Planning and implementation of fertilization plans

• Identification and treatment of disease problems or nutritional deficiency of trees and shrubs and turf

• Pruning control, conservation and recreation of the tree species of any height through the use of platforms or even essences positioned in areas not accessible by mechanical means such as ladders by using the
technique of "tree - climbing" or Pruning in free climbing

• Cleaning up of abandoned or located in inaccessible places, such as banks, lake shores or creeks, trails, works of deforestation of trees and shrubs

• Supply and pose of plants and shrubs or flowers of all kinds, with the ability to perform floral composition, design and creation of flower beds

• Supply of laurel crowns for occasions (April 25, deceased, etc.)

All these activities are carried out by specialists (including an agronomist, with the figure of the organizing work and responsible for the entire business) and people from bands of discomfort and / or disabilities
who are in position to create the right balance for the performance of different types of customers and jobs.



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